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Why Not to Install Gutter Guards?

Water that seeps into your home and causes your gutters to become clogged can cause costly damage to your property. For the purpose of preventing debris buildup and reducing upkeep, many homeowners choose to install gutter guards. It is important to keep in mind that gutter guards, despite the fact that they appear to be the perfect answer, have a number of significant drawbacks and misconceptions.

This blog post discusses the reasons why you might want to reconsider installing guards on your gutters before continuing with the installation.

Potential Leakage Risks

The main purpose of gutter guards is to keep debris out while guiding rainwater into gutters. Yet some guards actually achieve the opposite effect and create more problems:

  1. Ill-fitting guards not customized to your gutter’s shape allow gaps for water to leak through.
  1. Guards stay too rigid and flat, causing rainwater to overflow the gutters rather than enter through small holes.
  1. Cheaper mesh designs sag over time, creating dips that lead water over the edge instead of draining properly.
  1. Improperly installed guards come loose, separating from the gutters and permitting leaks.

When guards fail to integrate properly with your home’s gutters, serious leakage and water seepage damage can occur.

Debris Still Enters Gutters

Many homeowners expect gutter guards to completely prevent any leaves, needles and debris from entering gutters. But the reality is most guards only minimize debris:

  • During windy storms or abundant leaf falls, debris still blows over and enters gutters.
  • As guards accumulate debris themselves over time, more debris slips through small holes.
  • Some gutter guard designs have inherent size limitations on blocking debris based on hole size.
  • Buildups on guards can impede drainage and lead to interior gutter clogging.

Guards reduce debris but don’t fully prevent gutter cleaning and maintenance.

Increased Installation Risks

Attempting gutter guard installation as a DIY project can lead to a high risk of injury and property damage if not done safely and correctly:

  • When climbing ladders onto the roof, there is an increased risk of serious injuries, including falls and slides.
  • Deterioration and cracking of roofing can be caused by improper installation of ladders and working at heights.
  • It is possible for guards to have gaps or cover insufficient space if they are not measured and cut correctly.
  • The gutter guards that are loosely attached can become separated and fall, causing damage to the property below.
  • Leaks that cause harm to the home are the result of poorly executed self-installations.

Prevention and Maintenance Still Needed

If you rely entirely on gutter guards, you can end up neglecting important gutter care tasks, such as:

  • It is still necessary to do routine inspections, cleanings, and clearances on the guards. Over time, debris accumulates in a heap.
  • Blockages in guards hinder water from flowing properly if they are not cleaned immediately.
  • Guards that are not checked allow for corrosion and deterioration to occur in the internal gutters.
  • It is necessary to clean the guards on occasion because of the growth of moss and mildew.

Guards are an addition to gutter care, but they do not replace maintenance in order to provide optimum protection for the home.

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  1. Can I install gutter guards myself?

While possible, it requires climbing safely onto the roof, taking precise measurements and cutting, and securely attaching.

  1. Do gutter guards ever need replacement?

Yes, cheap versions may sag or wear over the years. Well-installed metal guards last over a decade before replacement is needed.

  1. Do I still need to clean the gutters with a guard?

Yes, periodically clearing debris piles up on guards and cleaning interiors for rust prevention should still be done.

  1. How often should gutter guards be inspected?

Guards should be checked two times per year and after severe storms for secure attachment, pore blockages, and any leaking issues.